How to get there

Our contact and neighbour in Icarai is Chris Lalieux. Once you arrived at the airport of Fortaleza, you can call him.  He will pick you up and drop you off at the house for only 20 euro. (Taxis can be more expensive).  Chris is belgian and speaks 4 languages (dutch, french, english and portuguese).  


The state of Ceara has a coastline of 600km, 300km east and 300km west of Fortaleza.  Below you see an overview of the distances from the most important beaches till Fortaleza.


Oostkust Westkust
Icarai 18km Porto das Dunas (Beach Park) 26km
Cumbuco 27km Prainha 35km
Pecém 52km Presidio 46km
Taiba 70km Iguape 46km
Paracuru 91km Caponga 72km
Lagoinha 124km Barra Velha 68km
Flexeira 139km Morro Branco 88km
Mundau 151km Praia das Fontes 91km
Baleia 191km Uruau 102km
Jericoacoara 298km Canoa Quebrada 161km



Chris and family