Icarai is part of the Caucaia district, which belongs to the metropole Fortaleza.

Originally Caucaia was an Indian village, colonized by the Portuguese and renamed it the "Vila Nove de Soute". Its beaches are highly popular for both its soft and clean water of the South Atlantic, its dunes, its palmtrees, its swamps and its natural lakes which make this area a true paradise of indescribable beauty.


Its exuberant environment favors the practice of adventurous sports, driven by wind such as wind-surf, hobbie-cat, laser, driven by sea such as regatta, surf, or using the area's topography such as trecking, ecological trails.





Icarai and surroundings


Located at a distance of 30 minutes from the centre of Fortaleza, Icarai is almost considered as a capital's neighbourhood.  With a double track and asphalted road the access is easy, fast and safe.


Icarai's beach is very popular for surfing, especially from september until april when the sea is full tide and local, national and international championships take place.  It has a bank (Banco do Brasil), supermarket, snackbars, drugstores and phonecabins.  All infrastructure is available.


During weekends the beach is a hotspot for tourists.  Several beachclubs offer cool drinks and live music, a rich menu of fish dishes and little snacks.


From June until December there is practically no drop of rain. During the other months some heavy short rainfalls may occur with bright sunlight all in the same day.  Average temperature is 28°C all year round.











Next to Cumbuco, 10 minutes away from Icarai, you will encounter several sweet water lakes such as "Lagoa de Banana", nice for swimming, or "Lagoa de Cauipe", for wind and kitesurfing.  Other great attractions in the state of Ceara are some of Brazil's most beautiful, sometimes quite deserted, beaches. Amongst these are Fleixeiras, Lagoinha, Canoa Quebrada and Morro Branco which are a 1 to 2 hour drive from Icarai.


Three and a half hours away from Icarai is Jericoaoara, one of the most beautiful beaches of the world and can be reached with a rental car. Besides exploring the coastline one can also go inland. In two hours the Baturité mountain area can be reached (Serra de Baturité, about 1000 meters above sea level), which surprises visitors with a lush, tropical vegetation, numerous waterfalls and occasional breath taking views. It is a perfect spot to go for a long walk at a very comfortable temperature.


Every year the city of Fortaleza has its own, four day, carnival at the end of July, called "Fortal" when many musical groups (Trios Elétricos), walk through the city. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the Brazilian temperament.